Checksum For Your Protection

I've just started playing with Python again.  Figured I update all my tools, including PyCharm which happens to be an excellent IDE BTW.  I noticed the checksum for the PyCharm executable but never knew of any Windows program to generate checksums.  I did some Googling and found out that Windows already has a tool built-in: certutil.  Wonderful.

To generate a SHA256 checksum for a file, all you need to do is is use -hashfile give it the file name and then specify the hash scheme.  For example:  

d:\certutil -hashfile pycharm-community-2016.1.exe SHA256
SHA256 hashof file pycharm-community-2016.1.exe:
3c b3 39 66 02 aa 0c 57 06 48 9e af 16 6b 4f 52 be 78 5b d7 17 da d5 49 21 20 f3 e4 de 25 91 cb
CertUtil: -hashfile command completed successfully.




Drone Building 101

Drone Building 101

If you own a Roku box and ever searched around for content, you've probably come across the Revision3 channel.  Other than the Ben Heck Show, I never watched any of the shows like Hak5 because of the super silly names or the boring "me too" tech reviews.  Recently, I rediscovered Hak5 on my podcast player and I couldn't be more wrong.

Many of the shows really contain nuggets of useful information on interesting topics like software defined radio and virtual machines servers.  Recently, they are doing a series of episodes on scratch building drones.  The first episode discuses the overall process while future episodes will focus in on specific components.  Enjoy!