Evernote Shit Show


Unless you've been living under a rock, Evernote is in a death spiral..  You don't need to be a VC to know that giving away free services competing directly with Microsoft's One Note  isn't such a great idea.

Today, I needed to pull some data off of one of my Evernote notes.  I know a few days ago, Evernote is forcing its free service users to a limit of only 2 clients.  Over the past several years, I must have installed Evernote client on 7 or more devices.  Today, I wasn't ready today to just pick two devices so I decided to log on to Evernote using my tablet's web browser.  Guess what?  Evernote is blocking web access!  They want everyone to use their mobile client on our mobile devices.  Without web access on your devices, you will be forced to upgrade to a paid plan if you own more than two devices. Their web error page even has a URL to the web app.  Fuck you Evernote.